Hudson Sealcoating and Landscaping is a family owned business. 
   We are dedicated to offering you the best customer service, 
   while providing you the services to protect your investment. 
   We personally supervise every job.  

     Why Sealcoat your driveway?
  As soon as freshly laid hot asphalt begins to cool, the aging process 
  begins.  From that moment on, asphalt is broken down by oil, gas, sun 
  oxidation, salt, water penetration, and cold weather.  As you can see 
  from our photo here on the right it also gives the asphalt a beautiful black 

  Sealcoat helps to slow the deterioration of asphalt.

  - Prevents Oxidation
  - Stops Weather Damage
  - Resists Gas, Oil, & Salt
  - Beautifies Paving 

   About our materials
   We use coal tar which is the industry's best product for protecting  
   asphault. Providing superior coverage and durability. 

   We mix sand additive to our sealer to make it slip resistant and more  

   Why should you choose Hudson? 
  Many of our competitors use oil based products that require more than
  one application to give the same results. We use a tar and sand mixture which 
  is not only better for the environment but last longer, saving you time and money. 

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